the monday mix

Andrew E. Kramer, “Russian Prisoners and Ukrainian Soldiers,” NY Times (link) – 2022

“The prisoners said they did not know what would happen to them after the news conference. While they said they were treated well, days after their capture it was unclear if they had showered or been offered clean clothes.”

Democracy Now headline, “Youth Climate Activists March in Solidarity with Ukraine, Call for Equal Treatment of All War Victims” – 2022

“Thousands of youth climate activists took to the streets around the globe Thursday in solidarity with Ukraine.”

bell hooks and Thich Nhat Hanh conversation, “Building a Community of Love,” Lion’s Roar (link) – 2017

“A flower, although beautiful, will become compost someday, but if you know how to transform the compost back into the flower, then you don’t have to worry.”

Lauren McClean & Joni Auden Land, “Boise mayor speaks on threats made toward her, her family and other officials,” Idaho Statesman (link) – 2022

“I no longer run the trails alone before daybreak as I’ve done for 24 years. I don’t walk alone to work or hop on my bike whenever I like.”

Jennifer Wilson, “Hegemony Changes Everything,” review of The Life of Antonio Gramsci, in Bookforum (link) – 2022

“In his early writings for socialist newspapers like Avanti! and later in his Prison Notebooks, Gramsci analyzed folklore, serialized novels, theater, devotional literature—anything he could get his hands on in the prison library—to search for the ways that capitalist logic appeared as a self-evident truth (not some secret hiding in a remodeled bathroom). Accordingly, Gramsci approached the subject of taste with the same vigor that other Marxists reserved for political economy.”

Vijay Prashad, “In These Days of Great Tension, Peace is a Priority,” (link) – 2022

“War is never good for the poor. War is never good for workers. War itself is a crime. War produces crimes. Peace is a priority.”