friday fete

Claire Jarvis, “Daughters and Lovers,” Bookforum (link)

“She will find work to support herself and she will raise her son alone. But a life without love, or a man, or sex, however you think of it, isn’t a tragedy in this world.”

Sophie Lewis, “A Woman is a Woman?,” The Baffler (link)

“I do not envy the pressure Faderman may feel not to demoralize her readers […].”

Kaitlyn Greenidge, “What Does Marriage Ask Us to Give Up?,” The New York Times (link)

“It was harder, in adulthood, after years spent marinating in so many cultural stories about what marriage could promise — legitimacy, maturity, stability, strength — to resist that programming. […] These lives threaten the communal narratives currently in place. But what is a threat to some can be to others a glimmer of a new world coming.”