there’s a difference

TONI MORRISON: There’s a difference between writing for a living and writing for life. If you write for a living, you make enormous compromises, and you might not ever be able to uncompromise yourself. If you write for life, you’ll work hard; you’ll do it in a disciplined fashion; you’ll do what’s honest, not what… Continue reading there’s a difference

so good!!

“Little Things” by Big Thief / turn the bass on!!!

& the next “gives to airy nothing”

“In our own image-conscious politics and commerce there is a proliferation of small instrumental professions which claim the sonorous titles of imagination and creativity for what are, when examined, simple and rationalized processes of reproduction and presentation […] “But now, very clearly, there are other deeper forces at work, which perhaps only imagination, in its… Continue reading & the next “gives to airy nothing”

important needs

I believe we need an Important Panel here in New York City. I have to take the subway this coming week and frankly, I’m anxious about it already. I would be very grateful if someone with the resources and social wherewithal would call a panel and provide some tools for those of us who have… Continue reading important needs


I’m disappointed that Eric Adams favors cutting funding to the city compost program because he claims so few people participate that it’s not worth the gas required to drive around and pick up the compost. You know what else wastes gas? And also sucks?

lip service

I was shooting the shit with my dad the other day. “How’s the garden?” I asked, for ’tis the season. “Oh, getting it ready,” he said. “Tilling?” I asked (rototilling). The next part surprised even me in its gravity. “Nah. Not tilling this year,” he said, slowly. “Too much fuel.” He didn’t mean that it’s… Continue reading lip service

amateur hour

I was thinking about Stuart Hall’s work, since I quoted him in yesterday’s post. One time about a year ago, I was interviewing for a professor position at a small college. Over Zoom, I taught a class and gave a presentation about my research. As has been typical of my experience with these sorts of… Continue reading amateur hour

stock photos

Earlier this year, something caught my eye: a photo at the top of a story about COVID on The New York Times website. I remembered this image. The same one had been placed above a different COVID story, just a few days before. A hospital patient sits up in bed while a nurse in blue… Continue reading stock photos