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less hot day

It is a lovely day here in New York City—still a little hot for my liking, but cooler than yesterday, with an off-and-on breeze. I was just sitting near my apartment window, listening to the birds and thinking about those exciting New York City years around 201X. I recently saw a few writers on social… Continue reading less hot day

“Welcome 2 America” (2010)

I’ve spent the better part of today blasting “Welcome 2 America,” Prince’s 2010 live album. If you don’t mind me sharing a personal memory, this album takes me right back to college, when my boyfriend (now friend)’s roommate would bump Prince 24/seven, days on end. Now, those unhinged people were the type to play entire… Continue reading “Welcome 2 America” (2010)

stock photos

Earlier this year, something caught my eye: a photo at the top of a story about COVID on The New York Times website. I remembered this image. The same one had been placed above a different COVID story, just a few days before. A hospital patient sits up in bed while a nurse in blue… Continue reading stock photos

friday fete

Claire Jarvis, “Daughters and Lovers,” Bookforum (link) “She will find work to support herself and she will raise her son alone. But a life without love, or a man, or sex, however you think of it, isn’t a tragedy in this world.” Sophie Lewis, “A Woman is a Woman?,” The Baffler (link) “I do not… Continue reading friday fete

the monday mix

Andrew E. Kramer, “Russian Prisoners and Ukrainian Soldiers,” NY Times (link) – 2022 “The prisoners said they did not know what would happen to them after the news conference. While they said they were treated well, days after their capture it was unclear if they had showered or been offered clean clothes.” Democracy Now headline,… Continue reading the monday mix

the tuesday ten

1. Max Fox, “Cashed Out,” in The Baffler (link) “It seems that the financial establishment, whose temperature our authors aim to credibly report, is still ambivalent about digital currencies and the end of cash.” 2. Rachel Syme, “Kirsten Dunst’s Feminine Urges,” New Yorker (link) “The humor—you don’t laugh so much as hiss through your teeth—is… Continue reading the tuesday ten

markets of any kind — especially “free” ones

I recently came across my 2011 bachelor’s thesis, “Alternative Exchange Systems: The Limits of Radical Resistance to Neoliberal Hegemony.” I hadn’t looked at it for about 10 years. You can download it below. I remembered the general contour of my argument, but otherwise I didn’t know what to expect upon opening the file. I have… Continue reading markets of any kind — especially “free” ones