Disband the SRG!

The SRG is the Strategic Response Group of the NYC cops. They bust protesters. Since 2021, the ACLU and others have been campaigning to shut them down and reinvest their funds. I say, fuck yeah! Take the people’s money and give it to CUNY! I only occasionally share events on here, but they’re rallying against… Continue reading Disband the SRG!


Apparently, people expect me to not only commission, draft, edit, and copy edit my own tweetline*; now they want me to fact-check it, too. And on top of that, they complain I’m moving too slowly! Well, guess what, losers. I did fact-check those figures on the previous posts, just now, and, yes, I do hope… Continue reading unbelievable


To the cabal of white men who stalk me online, and also control my future. Just let me know what else you need!

going to coin a term

for the phenomenon where influencers with big platforms share stories about red-state Idahoan backwardness and oppression without speaking to any Idahoans. (Please God, please cue ****** retweeting a quote from an Idahoan.) Exhibit A, this piece about the “particular [TOTALLY ABSTRACT] cruelty” of Idahoan abortion laws: “In Idaho, for instance, it’s clear that professors are… Continue reading going to coin a term

homology, again

The other month, I heard a tenured academic say something very strange, which has puzzled me ever since. In a setting among junior and senior scholars, while the group was talking about the academic job market, the man likened academic teaching to military service: “you go where they tell you to go.” So, first of… Continue reading homology, again


so confusing. what does any of this mean? do people use feeds? are people reading this feed? are these colors only visible to me? is there a comment section somewhere? atom stats 14? what is internet?

a primer

BUILT TO SPILL Please, use your good speakers. Let’s turn it up out there. 5. “Reasons” from There’s Nothing Wrong with Love (1994) – This place to start is as good as any, with that expansive, open rock & roll sound that moves me so very much. 4. “I Would Hurt a Fly” on Perfect… Continue reading a primer