markets of any kind — especially “free” ones

I recently came across my 2011 bachelor’s thesis, “Alternative Exchange Systems: The Limits of Radical Resistance to Neoliberal Hegemony.” I hadn’t looked at it for about 10 years.

You can download it below.

I remembered the general contour of my argument, but otherwise I didn’t know what to expect upon opening the file. I have to say, I was surprised. The document feels like a capsule from a time when my writing (and thinking) was dense, heavy, concise — yet carefree in its pacing, somehow; I probably revised it one hundred times, but it doesn’t feel that way.

In recent years my writing has become labored, elliptical. But this piece is a genuine pleasure to read. Insights emerge naturally. The case studies are richly imagined and developed. It helps that my citation list is short and beautifully to the point.

I envy that self. Maybe I can get back to her.