selected writing


“Criticism as Punctuation in the Riot Grrrl Backlash,” Punk & Post-Punk, January 2023 (PDF)

“Ethnic Irony in Melvin B. Tolson’s ‘Dark Symphony,’” The Journal of the Society for American Music, May 2021 (PDF)

“Lo-fi as Limit: Audio Quality and Empty Signifiers in the 1990s” [‘Lo-fi’ como limite: Historicizando a relação discurso-afeto nos anos de 1990]; Sonologia, São Paulo, 2019 (proceedings pub. 2020) (PDF – article in English; Portuguese abstract)

“Lo-fi Listening as Active Reception,” Leonardo Music Journal, 2016 (PDF)

“Alternative Exchange Systems and the Limits of Resistance to Neoliberal Hegemony,” thesis in International Political Economy, 2011 (PDF)

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