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  • disappointed
    I’m disappointed that Eric Adams favors cutting funding to the city compost program because he claims so few people participate that it’s not worth the gas required to drive around and pick up the compost. You know what else wastes… Continue reading disappointed
  • lip service
    I was shooting the shit with my dad the other day. “How’s the garden?” I asked, for ’tis the season. “Oh, getting it ready,” he said. “Tilling?” I asked (rototilling). The next part surprised even me in its gravity. “Nah.… Continue reading lip service
  • stock photos
    Earlier this year, something caught my eye: a photo at the top of a story about COVID on The New York Times website. I remembered this image. The same one had been placed above a different COVID story, just a… Continue reading stock photos
  • friday fete
    Claire Jarvis, “Daughters and Lovers,” Bookforum (link) “She will find work to support herself and she will raise her son alone. But a life without love, or a man, or sex, however you think of it, isn’t a tragedy in… Continue reading friday fete