• a primer
    BUILT TO SPILL Please, use your good speakers. Let’s turn it up out there. 5. “Reasons” from There’s Nothing Wrong with Love (1994) – This place to start is as good as any, with that expansive, open rock & roll… Continue reading a primer
  • “Fool’s Gold”
    I started listening to the EP promo for Built to Spill’s new When the Wind Forgets Your Name, which includes “Spiderweb,” “Fool’s Gold,” “Understood,” and “Gonna Lose,” on the train home. Later, when I got there and continued listening, I… Continue reading “Fool’s Gold”
  • Vic Chesnutt!
    “Gravity of the Situation.” (c. 2004). I love how he repeats the refrain like eight times in a row. Punk as fuck. Amazing poetry, too.
  • “Part III – Live” (2016, rel. 8/2022)
    Keith Karrett!!! This music makes me think of how great nature writers just try to “see what they are seeing,” but for hearing (in my professional opinion, the most wonderful of all the senses). And with a through-line like that.… Continue reading “Part III – Live” (2016, rel. 8/2022)
  • less hot day
    It is a lovely day here in New York City—still a little hot for my liking, but cooler than yesterday, with an off-and-on breeze. I was just sitting near my apartment window, listening to the birds and thinking about those… Continue reading less hot day