a primer


Please, use your good speakers. Let’s turn it up out there.

5. “Reasons” from There’s Nothing Wrong with Love (1994) – This place to start is as good as any, with that expansive, open rock & roll sound that moves me so very much.

4. “I Would Hurt a Fly” on Perfect From Now On (1997) – The sound of this one, when you’re fifteen (or 115)?

3. “You Were Right” on Keep it Like a Secret (1999) – The intro is a great example of why I love this band in terms of, among many other qualities, composition. This masterpiece changed my world.

2. “Some Things Last a Long Time” from The Normal Years (1996) – A college radio staple.

#1. “Carry the Zero” from Keep It Like a Secret – Probably among the top recordings of this millennium. Indie rock, or among all music.