“Welcome 2 America” (2010)

I’ve spent the better part of today blasting “Welcome 2 America,” Prince’s 2010 live album. If you don’t mind me sharing a personal memory, this album takes me right back to college, when my boyfriend (now friend)’s roommate would bump Prince 24/seven, days on end. Now, those unhinged people were the type to play entire catalogues without stopping. It must have been up really pretty loud for us all to have heard it throughout that house like that, and we did. We would relax, talk, and eat, enjoying Sunday afternoon, occasionally tuning in a little closer, wishing he would turn it up.

And the music, though I say this sparingly, speaks for itself. Come for “Running Game,” “1000 Light Years,” “Same Page,” and “Hot Summer,” then stick around for “Stand Up and Be Strong.” If those lil D’Angelo sections don’t have you reaching for your volume knob—I feel bad for your neighbors! On a summer day like this?